Great Southern Sunnies

After Engaging PixelRush For SEO & Google Ads, Great Southern Sunnies..

Increased Organic Sales by 165% & Total Sales by 500% with Google Ads

Increase In Organic Traffic
Increase In Organic Revenue
Increase in Monthly Sales with Google Ads
Return on Ad Spend

About Great Southern Sunnies

Great Southern Sunnies is one of the fastest growing online sunglasses retailers in Australia and is quickly becoming the go to brand for buying sunglasses online. They have one of the largest range of designer sunglasses in Australia.

Our Solution:

Custom Website Development

We completed a complete redesign (as shown) of their existing site with all new copy integrated within a custom sales driven design.

They now have a website which accurately places them as a trusted leader as an online sunglasses retailer and that will have a significant impact on their sales.

Note: This new site is as pictured and will be launched very soon.

Complete Onpage SEO Overhaul

We focused our SEO efforts on ranking for high volume sunglasses brand related search terms, making sure we were targeting buying related searches.

We improved crawl times by excluding unnecessary areas of the site and completely rewrote all of the important meta tags (blue / grey text in Google).

Google Ads Search & Shopping Campaign

To overcome SEO latency in a highly competitive market, we recommended implementing a Google Ads campaign.

We built a structured and highly profitable Google Ads campaign using a combination of search and shopping Ads.

Link Building & Outreach

Being a fairly new site and domain the site was lagging behind when it came to domain authority.

We implemented a link building strategy that allowed us to build between 4-6 highly relevant shopping and fashion related links to the site each month.

Every site is checked for quality ensuring it was high authority, relevant and was receiving traffic from Google.


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