Crime Victims

After Engaging PixelRush For Google Ads

Increased leads by 167% & Reduced Cost Per Lead by 35%

Reduction in cost of leads
Increase in peak leads per month when scaling ad spend
Average campaign conversion rate
Reduction monthly spend by while maintaining targets.

About Crime Victims

Crime Victim Lawyers, a subsidiary of Farris Legal Pty Ltd, provides a no cost, immediate, efficient and professional service to crime victims in Victoria.

They’ve assisted thousands of victims in Victoria in processing their claims through the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT), ensuring that the best possible outcome is achieved.


Crime Victims had originally setup their campaigns themselves with some success before transitioning to a large agency due to lack of time to manage it effectively.

The campaigns initially started well but started to decline over time and then amplified further upon some agency staff changes and the results were never the same.

They decided to seek another agency to assist which is where Pixelrush commenced.

Our Solution

Restructured Google Ads Campaign

Their current campaigns consisted of a single search campaign with only five ad groups which included branded terms making it challenging to identify areas of non performance.

We restructured the account heavily breaking the account into many campaigns / ad groups based on general terms, service specific, local suburbs and brand name.

By removing brand into it’s own campaign we could more easily identify areas of non performance.

Negative Keyword Review

As an account with a large amount of data we were able to review the entire history and analyse search terms, keywords and singular words that had never converted or had a high cost per lead that did not support our targets.

We rapidly built out large negative lists substantially reducing the waste for our new campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

We reviewed all conversion tracking to ensure that we had accurate information about how our campaigns, ad groups and keywords were performing. Having the right data made it far easier to remove waste while amplifying performance.


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