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After Engaging PixelRush For SEO, AusBody Works

Increased Organic Revenue by 5355% & Traffic by 711% in 24 Months

Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Sales
Top #3 Keyword Rankings
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About AusBody Works

AusBody Works offers high quality, stylish, yet affordable ABS & Polyurethane body kits online.

Our Solution:

Improved Web Design

We improved the design of the home page to improve sales and overall SEO optimisation. We added brands and category sections to get visitors through to pages where purchases are made and to spread SEO authority through to the internal pages of the website.

Note: we only improved the website, we did not design it.

SEO Optimised Site

The site was using Shopify which had numerous SEO flaws that were holding it back which included duplicate content and crawl issues. We resolved these issues by using the robots.txt and adjusting code within the Shopify theme.

We wrote detailed category & brand descriptions for all pages which greatly improved the rankings across the site and allowed us to rank each page for a greater number of buying related search terms.

Content Marketing

We created 2 pieces of content per month written by a specialist car writer which dramatically increased the number of visitors to the site per month (6000+ visitors per month)

Detailed Performance Tracking

We built reports that highlighted and trended the sales, signups, form enquiries and phone calls on a monthly basis allowing the business to understand exactly which areas of their marketing were performing best.

Link Building & Outreach

We used link building and outreach to improve the overall domain authority of the site.

At the time, the domain was fairly young and therefore improving authority was a big part of increasing competitiveness in search results.

We were able to build 2-4 highly relevant automotive related links per month. Each site is checked for quality ensuring it was relevant, high authority and has traffic from Google.


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