Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing

After Engaging PixelRush For Pay Per Click Sydney 24 Hour...

Increased Leads Per Month by 124%

Increase In Conversion Rate
Decrease in Cost Per Lead
Increase In Leads/Conversions
Reducing in Overall Ad Spend

About Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing

Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing are a network of highly trained plumbers operating through Sydney. They specialise in Residential & Commercial plumbing services and can provide anything from broken taps to blocked drains or complete commercial solutions.


Before approaching PixelRush, Richard (the owner) had recently been forced to change domain names due to a Google penalty applied to their primary business domain. The penalty was the unfortunate output of cheap SEO gig from Fiverr.

After rebuilding the site and changing domains Richard needed an immediate solution for generating new leads and keeping his team of plumbers on the road. Due to the expense of implementing an SEO campaign, in one of the most competitive industries, and the potential latency in SEO lead generation, Richard choose to continue to work with his existing Adwords campaign.

It was at this time we had the opportunity to provide a free audit of the Sydney 24 Hour Campaign and we discovered the following key areas:

  • Phone calls were not tracked which meant critical performance data required to optimise the campaign was not captured.
  • Conversion rates were low between 1.5% to 2.5%.
  • Cost per lead was averaging $498 dollars
  • The campaign wasn’t structured and uncontrolled which meant a large % of the budget was wasted on irrelevant search terms.
  • All Ads were pointed at the home page.

At the time we estimated around 80% of the spend was being wasted.


Restructured Account

We restructured the entire account and created brand new campaigns that only targeted customers with buying intent.

Extensive Negative Keywords

We reviewed all of the historic data and campaigns and used the data to developed extensive negative keyword lists to ensure we minimised waste spend from the outset.

Dynamic Landing Pages

We used our own proprietary software to create dynamic landing pages and appear local to areas and regions we targeted throughout Sydney.

Improved Trust

We added professional photos of the team, brand logos and other social proof to improve trust and influence more of our customers to action.

Advanced Bidding Strategies

We started with manual bidding which provided us with precise initial control over our spend. As the campaign matured, receiving detailed conversions data, we switched to target CPA bidding to lower CPAs.

Weekly Review

We reviewed the campaign weekly, often multiple times, to ensure we were minimising wasted spend, reducing clicks on irrelevant searches and saving clicks in an expensive industry.


By implementing the above strategies and techniques we were able to reduce the cost per lead by $32 dollars from our 1st month of management to our current and double the leads received at their maximum spend.

And after just 7 months working with PixelRush, Sydney 24 Hour has now:

  • Increased monthly conversions (leads) from 123 to 276
  • Reduced cost per lead from $93 to $61 dollars.Increased campaign conversion rates from 19% to 32%

In terms of lifestyle and Business Richard now has:

  • An additional vehicle on the road
  • A segmented campaign that allows granular control of the regions to target in Sydney based on current workload.
  • Ability to prioritise local areas and reduce travel costs and time.
  • Consistency and predictability in the number of leads generated each month.

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